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Professor Jérôme de Sèze

Head of the Neuroimmunological Department, University of Strasbourg, FR

Professor de Sèze is a professor in neurology and head of the neuroimmunological department at the University Hospital of Strasbourg. He has a PhD in immunology and is a specialist in multiple sclerosis and neuro-ophthalmology as well as head of the clinical investigation centre at the same University where he oversees phase I to III trials predominantly in the field of neurology.

Professor de Sèze's research interests include biopathology of myelin, imaging of animal models for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system and evaluation of new therapeutic targets in these animal models.

In 2007, Professor de Sèze founded the "alSacEP", a network to improve the provision of MS care in the French region of Alsace. He is also President of the French Multiple Sclerosis society.