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Birgit Bauer

Journalist, Social Media Expert and Multiple Sclerosis Patient Blogger

Birgit Bauer, journalist, social media and digital health expert, journalist, analyst and speaker.
Birgit Bauer is a social media and digital health consultant, journalist and speaker. She founded the Company Manufaktur für Antworten UG in 2005, a company dedicated to developing useful patient communication programs and also to design and realize social media strategies.

Ms. Bauer was diagnosed with MS in 2005 and is one of the most influential Blogger about MS and healthcare in Germany and Europe. Her Blog "Fast normal - Mein Leben mit Multiple Sklerose (MS)" tells her story, covering healthcare and other subjects. As a blogger, her aim is to help people living with MS to more easily understand the science and research behind their condition.

Birgit Bauer is also an active speaker at congresses, conferences and workshops about the importance of patient rights and needs, information to patients, patient education and how patients can better make use of social media.

As an expert on social media, Ms. Bauer works to develop and realize effective social media strategies and often gives presentations and workshops about social media management, blogging and digital presence. She is based in Abensberg, Germany.