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Usman Khan, PhD

Former Executive Director, European Patients' Forum

Usman Khan joined the European Patientsโ€™ Forum (EPF) in April 2019 as Executive Director. The European Patientsโ€™ Forum represents the interests of 150 million patients across Europe, where he leads a Secretariat team of policy analysts, communications experts, researchers and project managers and build connections and alliances across the EPF membership and network.
Prior to the EPF, spent over a decade working in academia before moving into health and social care consulting in 2000. In 2016, he was appointed Executive Director of the European Health Management Association in March 2016, a not-for-profit European association made up of representatives from national service providers, universities and policy organisations. The mission of EHMA is to enhance the capacity and capability of its stakeholders to delivery high quality care.
Usman completed his PhD in Public Policy at Sheffield University in 1990. He has also held a number of high profile non-executive positions in health and social care and also holds an academic position at New York University (London).