Mary Maguire

Personalised Healthcare Lead

Mary is responsible for leading Rocheโ€™s Personalised Healthcare division, helping to ensure that screening, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases will more quickly and effectively transform the lives of people in Ireland. The concept and definition of Personalised Healthcare covers a broad spectrum for many people, and Maryโ€™s focus is to help create greater understanding for the importance of this field, now and with future advancements, particularly with regard to creating a more sustainable health system. Mary collaborates with organisations and experts from multidiscipline areas to use advanced diagnostics and meaningful data to improve patient outcomes and experiences. Her background in biochemistry and molecular medicine, combined with over 18 years working across Roche medical teams, helps her to communicate scientific topics in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner. Ultimately, Maryโ€™s role aims to ensure the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.