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Ruben Humberto Torres

Physician, Pediatric Surgeon and Dean of the University of Isalud in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dr. Torres has served as the Dean of the University Isalud in Buenos Aires, Argentina since 2013. He is also a physician and a pediatric surgeon at the University of Buenos Aires and has had a very active role in the public sector.

He served as the superintendent of Health Services of Argentina (2002-2006), as regional consultant on policies and systems at PAHO Health Department (2006-2009). He also served as Chile’s representative to the World Health Organization (WHO) and PAHO (2009-2011), as manager of health systems based in primary health care at PAHO (2011-2013), as the Undersecretary of Health of the province of Santiago del Estero and as the director of public and private hospitals in Estero and in the city of Buenos Aires.

In 2015, Rubén published the most recent of his books “Políticas sanitarias en el país de los argentinos”. His collection of books include “Mitos y realidades de las obras sociales” and “Nuevas dimensiones de la APS”. He served as the former director of the master’s degree in Health and Social Security Systems and was also the co-author of a postgraduate course in social and community health and in user satisfaction and health systems at the University Isalud in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He has also received a series of scholarships and awards for his work in the public sector and his contributions to academia, including the Recognition Award for Labor and Professional Quality, awarded by the Asociación Argentina de Auditoría y Gestión Sanitaria and the National Quality Award granted by the Head of Cabinet Ministers of Argentina.

Dr. Torres has a Master's degree in health systems and social security from the University of Lomas de Zamora, a Master's degree in direction and management of social security systems from the University of Alcalá, a specialization in planning and management of social policies from the University of Buenos Aires, and a Master's degree in sociology from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.