29th Sep 2020

Experts discuss the impact of COVID-19 in the Middle East

29th Sep 2020 14:00 GST
Recovering Stronger: Collaboration is Key to Building Resilient Healthcare Systems in the Middle East

The COVID-19 outbreak has exposed significant vulnerability in our healthcare systems and its impact will be felt for a long time. It has forced upon governments and individuals difficult choices between health and economy, between personal freedom and collective responsibility. These decisions coupled with an overflow of information provide a critical context to any discussion on the future of healthcare.

Watch the eventย belowย and read theย two critical dimensions that emerged from the discussion here.ย 


Episode Three Guest Speakers


Al Arabiya News Channel Bureau Chief, London; former CNN host of 'Inside the Middle East'

Dr. Rasheed
Al Hammadi

Medical Research Manager, Abu Dhabi Department of Health

Dr Ahmed

Director of Digital Healthcare Business Unit at Vodafone Egypt


Vice President, Middle East Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce