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Innovative models to support the future of African healthcare systems

We learned some fascinating lessons from our event on November 24th, ‘Innovative Models to Support the Future of African Healthcare Systems’.

The LinkedIn Live event brought together three key speakers to discuss alternative funding models to improve healthcare outcomes in Africa and drive forward universal healthcare coverage (UHC).



Professor of Medical Oncology, University of Rabat, Morocco

Dr. Catherine

UHC Director - AMREF

Dr. Yakubu

Nigerian National Health Insurance Authority

Dr. Nick

Head of Medical Affairs & Africa Genomics Program Partnerships Lead at Roche South Africa

This event took place at an important time. Growing populations and increasing life expectancy have put ever-increasing demands on health systems across Africa. This has brought with it a rise in non-communicable diseases, adding to the already considerable burden of communicable diseases. On top of this COVID-19, has revealed the fragility of existing health care systems across the continent.

Given this context, it’s essential that we support African countries in identifying practices that can help them to meet their commitments to UHC. The FutureProofing Healthcare initiative was launched with the idea of facilitating policy discussions and exploring ways of achieving sustainable, personalised and integrated health systems in the coming years.

What our event revealed was that public-private partnerships (PPPs) are crucially important when it comes to achieving this. Each of our three speakers looked at an example of PPP driving change in their specific countries, as well as what lessons can be exported to other regions to achieve an equal or greater benefit.

Dive into our speakers key takeaways:

Dr Kanari

The first speaker at the event was Dr Catherine Kanari, UHC Director at Amref Health Africa. She focused on achieving UHC in Kenya through the reform of primary health care, and the role public-private partnerships (PPPs) can play in this reform.

>> Dr. Catherine Kanari on public-private partnerships


The second speaker at the event was Dr Yakubu Agada-Amade, General Manager of the Head Standards and Quality Assurance Department for the National Health Insurance Scheme in Nigeria. He talked about how politics plays a vital role in the implementation of UHC, citing a recent law in Nigeria that made health insurance mandatory for all citizens and residents.

>> Dr. Yakubu Agada on public-private partnerships

The final speaker at the event was Professor Saber Boutayeb, medical oncologist at the University of Morocco. He talked about a public-private partnership (PPP) between Mohammed V University in Rabat and an IT company called IT6, which has established a Centre  of Innovation in eHealth in Morocco that is generating a number of transformational projects.

>> Pr. Saber Boutayeb on public-private partnerships

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Future-proofing healthcare systems across Africa

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